Hey, I’m Mark and I converted to the Catholic Church on Easter 2010 at St Johns Cathedral in Boise, Idaho. I grew up in Northern California outside Sacramento as a devout Episcopalian. During high school, I began discerning a call to the Episcopalian priesthood, and by the time I graduated that was the plan.

Version 2I attended Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA earning my BA in History in 2007. After graduation I moved to Idaho, joining my parents. My plan at this point was to be an Anglican priest…

God, however, had different plans…

Long story short (I promise I’ll say more in a future episode) I made a Catholic friend, Travis, at an Evangelical bible study. On Thanksgiving Day 2008 I decided to become Catholic, and was happily received into the fullness of Christ’s Church on earth in 2010!!!! (Seriously the happiest day of my life by far). I spent two short years in the US Coast Guard from 2011-13 after getting out I moved to Birmingham, AL. Three and half years later I met Kristin at a Young Professionals Bible Study and we decided to do a podcast together on the first night we met in fact. I am also on the High School youth group core team, a third degree Knight (even a past officer). If you can’t tell I love our Church and can’t wait to share it with everyone! In my free time I enjoy trying new craft beer, cooking, discussing politics and theology with friends, recently I have been getting back into home brewing.

Hi, I’m Kristin! I’m cradle Catholic, but I left the Church for 5 years. I went to Protestant churches until I found the beauty of Catholicism, while at Samford University then became confirmed Easter Vigil of 2016. I’m from Orlando, Florida but have been living in Birmingham, AL for 5 years.

me4I graduated with a degree in Communications and I sure do love to talk. Now I work as an Event Coordinator and Marketing Assistant for Dan Burke and the Avila Foundation. I enjoy ministering to college students through Firelight and the Samford Catholic Student Association.

I am involved in a prayer community called Apostoli Viae and a Young Professionals Bible study where I met Mark. For fun, I enjoy discussing theology with friends, recording our podcast, cooking, writing, painting, and singing. I’m excited to keep growing in faith through the sacraments and learn from YOU!